ryan mihaly

Excerpts from B-flat Clarinet Fingering Chart, The Massachusetts Review, forthcoming, 2020
Excerpts from B-flat Clarinet Fingering Chart, Peripheries (via Harvard Divinity School), forthcoming, 2020
Excerpts from B-flat Clarinet Fingering Chart, Tupelo Quarterly, 2020
Excerpts from B-flat Clarinet Fingering Chart, Posit, 2020
Excerpts from B-flat Clarinet Fingering Chart, Cutbank Online, 2019
Excerpts from B-flat Clarinet Fingering Chart, Opossum, 2019
Excerpts from B-flat Clarinet Fingering Chart, DIAGRAM, 2018

"kwarantanna / quarantine," bilingual poem + audio recording w/ Karolina Zapal, Tupelo Quarterly, 2020
"String Quartet No. 15, Op. 132 – Tragicomedy," The Decadent Review, 2020
"Sky Writing,” Collaboration with Karolina Zapal. 3:AM Magazine, 2019

“The Color of Existence,” interview with Ilan Stavans in On Self-Translation: Meditations on Language, SUNY Press, 2018 (Finalist, 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award in the Essay category)

Crossing the Dissour, online arts journal for Greywood Arts residency in Killeagh, County Cork, Ireland (2018 – present)
“Womb Bloom Obligate,” Collaborative poetry folio in Bombay Gin #44, 2018. Co-edited with Karolina Zapal

Visual Art:
Fishes, cover art for The Adirondack Review, 2019
Suddenly it occurred to me & Keep Roof, collages + poems with Karolina Zapal, The Adirondack Review, 2019
Polalka, cover art collage for Karolina Zapal's book Polalka, 2018

Interviews with poets and artists:
Michele Mirisola, painter, Crossing the Dissour, 2019
Dunja Krcek, painter/installation artist, Crossing the Dissour, 2019
Emily S. Cooper, poet, Crossing the Dissour, 2019
Laura Scheringa, painter, Crossing the Dissour, 2019
Karolina Zapal & Ryan Mihaly, collaborative interview, Crossing the Dissour, 2019

Interviews with Translators:
Joshua Freeman on Uyghur poetry, parts 1 & 2. Asymptote blog, 2017
Siavash Saadlou on Iranian poetry, Asymptote blog, 2016
Adam Morris on João Gilberto Noll, Asymptote blog, 2016
Alfred MacAdam on Alejandro Jodorosky, Asymptote blog, 2016
Susan Bernofsky on Yoko Tawada, Jenny Erpenbeck, Robert Walser, and Kafka, The Massachusetts Review blog, 2016
Martin Rock and Joe Pan on experimental haiku, Asymptote newsletter, 2016
Yumiko Tsumura on Kazuko Shiraishi, Asymptote blog, 2016
Oonagh Stransky on translating Pope Francis, parts 1 & 2. Asymptote blog, 2016
Kaitlin Rees on Vietnamese poetry, parts 1 and 2. Asymptote newsletter, 2015
Richard Zenith on Fernando Pessoa, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, and Portuguese poetry, Asymptote, 2015 (Translated into Spanish for Asymptote by Soledad Marimbo; translated into Romanian for Observator Cultural by Silvia Dumitrache)
David Shook on Indigenous Mexican poetry, Asymptote blog, 2015
Jay Rubin on Haruki Murakami, Asymptote blog, 2014
Ilan Stavans on Juan Rulfo, parts 1 and 2. Biblioklept, 2013-2014

Book Reviews:
Flights by Olga Tokarczuk, Biblioklept, 2018
The Story of Hong Gildong by Anonymous, Asymptote blog, 2016
The Fly Trap by Fredrik Sjöberg, Asymptote blog, 2015
Here Comes Kitty by Richard Kraft and Danielle Dutton, The Improbable, 2015
Microscripts by Robert Walser, The Improbable, 2015
Songs of S. by Robert Seydel, The Improbable, 2015
The Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira by César Aira, Flying Object, 2012
Selected Correspondence of Kenneth Patchen, Flying Object, 2012
From the Observatory by Julio Cortázar, Flying Object, 2011
Book of Ruth by Robert Seydel, Flying Object, 2011

Music Reviews and Essays:
“Parker Quartet Impressions,” Amherst College newsletter, 2015
“Cass McCombs,” Poetry Crush, 2012
“múm,” Poetry Crush, 2013
Soundtrack to a Mind: Ryan P. Mihaly, Flying Object, 2012